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United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston is a Modern Orthodox congregation in southwest Houston. The synagogue is located in a beautiful and affordable residential area close to the Texas Medical Center, Rice University and the cultural and central business district of Houston. Currently, the membership is approximately 400 families and spans all generations. UOS is a center for worship, learning, and community service in Houston.

United Orthodox Synagogues believes in the philosophy of Torah u'Mada, commitment to Torah, halakhah, and the quest for kedushah, holiness and spiritual growth. Like other Modern Orthodox institutions, UOS values open intellectual inquiry and expression in both the secular and religious arenas; engagement with the social, political and technological realities of the modern world; recognition and deep appreciation of the religious significance of the State of Israel; and the unity of the Jewish community at large. UOS is affiliated with the Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University and other major Orthodox institutions in the United States.

At UOS, one can recognize that becoming religiously observant is a path where no one should be made to feel uncomfortable, regardless of their level of observance and Jewish knowledge. As UOS continues to grow, it remains committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment to all Jews who share a desire to develop their knowledge of Judaism and commitment to their faith.

If you live outside of Houston and are considering relocating to our area, or if you live the Houston area but haven't been to UOS in a while, we'd like to extend an invitation for you to join us on Shabbat. Once you experience the warmth of our community, you'll never want to leave!

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